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Full Funnel Marketing Solutions on Marketplaces - opening up the growth possibilities for your brand.

Tenovia offers end-to-end eCommerce marketing services spanning to create bespoke marketing campaigns that engage, convert, and drive loyalty. 70% of all searches that happen on eCommerce channels are generic - not branded - that’s limitless opportunities for your brand to show up to the right customer. Maximize visibility across the entire funnel.

Why does eCommerce Marketing require specialization?

eCommerce Marketing is not about branding and performance anymore. It’s about omnichannel marketing across platforms targeting your audience with pinpoint accuracy - improving marketing efficiency and driving up awareness, engagement, trials, and loyalty with your customers. But it needs an understanding across other domains as well

Align on Strategic Objectives

Brands have different objectives across their product ranges and quarters. We create a strategic roadmap that provides clarity on a multi-channel approach taking into account factors like a new product launch, sustainable marketing efforts, seasonality, and special eCommerce events across marketplaces.

Audience and Messaging

We work with brands in sharpening the definition of the target audience that they want to bring into the brand fold. Not all audiences are equal, and so our approach - combining budgets and variations on creatives and messaging - is also weighted

Measurement and Reporting

We connect the dots across your data. Combining the relations between regional availability of inventory, product ratings, competitor offers, we report on how our execution is performing vis-a-vis the targets - and what course corrections we are making listening to the data

Discover how Tenovia can help scale up your marketing results

The best eCommerce marketing agency out there. That’s saying a lot. But we 100% believe so. Nobody combines data around eCommerce marketing like we do. Our approach massively reduces waste of marketing budgets. With our eCommerce Analytics platform, Tensight, - we provide real time analysis of what’s happening across all marketing channels - giving you a clear picture of which channels are performing at a category, sub-category and SKU level.


We can take over your business’s marketing on Amazon—from engaging in paid campaigns to boosting ranks organically.


Get the best of both the worlds—paid and organic advertising on Flipkart—and find the sweet spot between the right product and the marketing mix.


Go hyper-local to drive engaging conversions and create a buzz with the right marketing strategy—one that’s perfectly aligned with your brand’s core needs.


Engage in personalized digital marketing campaigns on Myntra and boost brand visibility (and loyalty)


Position your brand competitively and achieve business goals through our integrated marketing approach


Make the most of this B2B platform and engage manufacturers, traders, retailers, and wholesalers by using tailor-made marketing campaigns and relatable content marketing


Cater to an ever-growing target audience and acquire new customers via slice-of-life marketing strategies and hyper-local marketing measures.


Effectively measure the results (and ROI) of your campaigns through our comprehensive performance marketing tactics

Social Media

Harness the true power of social media through audience measurement and forecasting, ad creation, re-engagement measures, and data-driven reporting.


Leverage the power and profitability of video with our holistic OTT marketing services.

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