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With teams being execution focused - is your eCommerce business making decisions based on Data?

We provide the specific laser focused capability and bandwidth to your team so that you can prioritize actions which give you the best ROI.

How can eCommerce Analytics help my Brand?

Analytics can unlock the revenue that is potentially left behind on the table, untapped, for your brand. Data can pinpoint the areas that are holding your brand from unlocking higher revenues. We cover multiple functions of your eCommerce business:

Tenovia can add speed to the execution of these recommendations.

Identify the Biggest Pain Points holding back Revenue Growth

Our methodology tracks a list of 180+ metrics across all eCommerce functions - giving you a diagnostic of where revenue is getting blocked.

Identify and Agree on the set of Actionables that will unlock Revenue Growth

Together with the client we agree on the set of prioritized actions that will unlock the biggest bottlenecks.

Monitor the Progress of the Strategic Actions and Accelerate Execution

We help project manage the progress of the actionables - highlighting weekly RAG status on them. Meanwhile - the BAU reporting also continues.

Bring in an Analytics Based Approach to your eCommerce Business

When eCommerce teams can link up the correlation between input metrics and revenue growth - that can create a lot of synergy within the eCommerce team - so that everyone is pulling towards the same realistic goal - with a high rate of achieving targets.
With our approach we can unlock revenues in your eCommerce value chain across the below functions.

Merchandising / NPD

Align your merchandising team to consolidate feedback on your products across channels (via reviews and ratings) and what’s trending across your competitors’ collections.


Set mutual targets for:
- Stock Cover
- Out of Stock Percent
- Broken Sets (if applicable)
- Evaluate current stock depth

Regional Utilization

Study Regional Utilization Percentage to optimize logistics costing to the finance team. It’s essential to move your products closer to your customers.

Supply Chain

Study Order-to-Delivery (O2D) lead times by zones to recommend Supply Chain optimization
Escalate if supply metrics of Replenishment / Stock Coverage / Warehouse SLAs are not being met
Escalate if loss of sale / on time PO confirmation / inventory supply metrics are not hitting benchmarks


Accountability at the metric level for the marketing function
Competitors’ offers tracking
Linking budgets to the inventory / ratings / SERP rankings


Best sources of traffic
Page Speed e-Store performance
LTV per channel

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