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Top 3 must-dos to make your Magento Community edition superfast

Introduction We often hear customers complain about the slow performance of their Magento websites, so, in this post, we have decided to share three important tips to speed up your website. Top 3 Important tips to speed up Magento Like everything that comes free, Magento community Edition also has its own hiccups and slowing down(…)

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How to keep your customers?

Introduction For many eCommerce companies acquiring new customers seems to be a daunting task, however the real challenge lies in retaining the existing ones. As Jeff Bezos rightly said, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of(…)

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How to measure your eCommerce merchandising strategy?

Introduction Data is the key for any retailer today and thanks to the rapid technological advancements, we can measure every aspect of our merchandising strategy, understand our customers thoroughly and offer the best service to them. In today’s post, let us try and understand some of the key metrics that are required for evaluating the(…)

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Examples of the best Checkout

Introduction The checkout is that part of the user interface where the customer enters to complete his/her purchase of the product. It is the most important part of the sales funnel as this is the place where casual visitors are converted into loyal customers. With customer expectations increasing by the day, UI/UX designers strive hard(…)

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How to build a Moat for your eCommerce store?

Introduction Acquisition and Retention are two important aspects of any eCommerce business. In the wake of cut throat competition, retaining customers is as important as acquiring new ones. Not just retain, we must continue to grab their attention, encourage them to engage more with our brand and try our best to reward them for their(…)

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Union Budget 2017: Impact on the Indian eCommerce Industry

Introduction The Union Budget 2017-18 is special in many ways. From the date of presenting the Budget to the transition towards a cashless economy, it is unique. Above all, this budget came four months after the demonetization decision. The demonetization decision was a huge boon to eCommerce industry as the number of people who opted(…)

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Impact of the GST bill on Indian eCommerce

Introduction The GST Bill is one of most significant tax reforms that independent India has ever taken up. This bill, when implemented will remove all the confusion over the multiple taxes that prevail at the national level and in various states. In today’s post, will try to understand the impact that the proposed GST bill(…)

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How much inventory to stock for your eCommerce business?

Introduction On time deliveries are extremely important for improving the credibility and reputation of any eCommerce company, and this is only possible by maintaining your inventories efficiently.  Inventory management ensures that you maintain optimum levels of all the resources such that neither there is a shortage nor there is a surplus of them. There is(…)

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