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Impact of the GST bill on Indian eCommerce

Introduction The GST Bill is one of most significant tax reforms that independent India has ever taken up. This bill, when implemented will remove all the confusion over the multiple taxes that prevail at the national level and in various states. In today’s post, will try to understand the impact that the proposed GST bill(…)

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How much inventory to stock for your eCommerce business?

Introduction On time deliveries are extremely important for improving the credibility and reputation of any eCommerce company, and this is only possible by maintaining your inventories efficiently.  Inventory management ensures that you maintain optimum levels of all the resources such that neither there is a shortage nor there is a surplus of them. There is(…)

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How many Push Notifications can you send to your customers?

Introduction Push notifications are a great way to interact with your app users. You can use push notifications to keep your customers informed about your latest offers or even to guide them to the right local deals. They help you to retain your customer’s interests and allow you to continuously engage them. Push notification are(…)

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5 Must dos for a successful Email Campaign

Introduction An email is the first step towards establishing a direct line of communication with the customer. It gives us a chance to personally target the customers and continuously engage them with our brand. Email is also one of the most cost effective channels of marketing and companies can use this medium for talking about(…)

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5 Top Shopify Paid apps to boost your sales

Introduction Shopify is a Canadian eCommerce company that develops online solutions for online retail stores and point of sale systems. In today’s post, we will talk about some of the paid apps available on Shopify that are sure to boost your sales. If you are interested in some free apps for your store do check(…)

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Why are Newsletters Important for the eCommerce Industry?

Introduction Newsletters are product focussed content that companies send through email to all those customers who have subscribed to the newsletter services. Companies use newsletters to inform their customers and prospective customers, on the company’s updates, share information on new products & services and to establish an authority in their niche. In today’s post, we(…)

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5 Top Shopify free plugins that improve your sales

Introduction Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides a complete solution for your eCommerce store. In today’s post, we will discuss about 5 of the best free apps offered by Shopify. Top 5 Shopify Plugins that you must try Product Reviews Shopify Product reviews allows you to display product reviews of your products and there(…)

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The SEO Checklist for eCommerce Companies

Introduction As we have already seen here, Content Strategy and SEO are no longer two separate entities. Though we have a well-crafted content strategy, we need to integrate it with SEO to achieve the desired results. SEO can do wonders for your business, if you understand how the whole thing works. By following a few(…)

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